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  AlbanianAmerican Sexy : Am i sexy or whatttttttt?

Female , 34 - Never Married
Queens ,  New York - United States
Ethnic Background: Albanian/American
I Grew Up In: NY
Looking For: A Date, Intimacy/Physical, Email/Chat

Last Active:
More than 30 days ago
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My Physical Attributes My Lifestyle
Body Style:
165 cm
Political View:
Ask Me Later
134 lb
Annual Income:
Will tell you later
Hair Color:
Activity Level:
Eye Color:
Hazel Brown
Education Level:
Some College
Smoking Habits:
Trying to quit
Best attributes: Personality Drinking Habits:
On occasion
Have Children?
I have no kids
Want Children?
About me:
Whatís up guys!!! Iím Amy but guys call me sexy Albanian chick, lol because I grew up in New York but my family is from Albania. They make fun of me because I donít speak Albanian that much I know some words but not much.

AlbanianAmerican Sexy 's Ideal Match
Age: 20 to 35
Location: United States, United States
Height: 180 to 208 cm
Weight: 170 lb to 220 lb
Body Style: Lean/Slender, Muscular
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Black/Ebony, Blue, Hazel
Occupation: Doesn't Matter
Income: $50,000 - $100,000
Education: Doesn't Matter
Political View: Doesn't Matter
Activity Level: Selected activities
Religion: Doesn't Matter
Smoking Habits: Doesn't Matter
Drinking Habits: Doesn't Matter
Has Children? Doesn't Matter
Want Children? Yes, Maybe
Language Spoken: Albanian, English
Favorite Music: Doesn't Matter
Zodiac Doesn't Matter
Exercise Habits: Doesn't Matter

More About My match:
I like an Albanian guy because I think they are very hot, but I also like them to love me for me cause Iím Albanian/American messt-up ha? I like to learn to speak Albanian so I like somebody who is willing to teach me 24/7 jk lol 23/7 Iím asking for to much? Iím only asking for an Albanian guy thatís all

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